Why you should remove your wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth are the last molars on your upper and lower jaws. Usually appearing during your adolescence or early twenties, these teeth can end up pushing into the rest of your teeth, resulting in crowded teeth, painful throbbing and even disease.

Some people will develop wisdom teeth on each side of the upper and lower jaws, others may only grow two or three, while some may not grow any at all. Whether it’s one or four, it is preferable that these teeth are removed before serious complications arise. Even if your wisdom teeth aren’t painful at the moment, there may be future, more serious complications later on.

A specialist team for wisdom tooth removal in Singapore

Usually, individuals are recommended to remove these teeth the moment they show up to prevent any complications. If ignored, the teeth can end up hurting or getting food stuck in them which can result in infection. If you’re looking for a wisdom tooth removal service in Singapore for yourself or your child, book an appointment with an expert team.

If you have wisdom teeth, you should book an appointment for consultation and surgery as soon as possible. Prevent later complications by booking an appointment to consult with our professional dentists at Pacific Dental. We’ll provide you with a quality service and give you all the details you need to know to prepare yourself for the surgery.

A passionate, professional team of surgeons

Pacific Dental offer quality services for wisdom teeth removal. Our staff will provide you with a friendly, relaxing service, whether it be for whitening, bonding or oral surgery. We know that tooth removal can be a daunting experience, so our passionate team will make sure to get you through the process seamlessly. Book a consultation with our team today, enquire online or give us a call. We are located at Pacific Plaza on the corner of Orchard and Scotts Road.