Teeth whitening services in Singapore

Worried that your teeth are looking a little yellow? Want a simple, less painful procedure that can give you a winning smile?

Teeth can have a yellowish, discoloured tinge for a number of reasons. While some people are naturally born with yellower teeth, other lifestyle choices such as smoking, or an overindulgence of caffeine, soda or alcohol can change the colour of teeth over time. At Pacific Dental, we provide a quality service that whitens that yellow stain, giving you the confidence boost when you smile again.

A dedicated team of dentists and specialists

If you’ve been hiding away your smile out of fear of judgement, or feel like no matter how much brushing, whitening toothpaste and mouth wash you use, you just can’t get those teeth to whiten, talk to our specialists today. We’ll be able to provide you with the right service, and can help with most tooth discolouration.

Get a beautiful row of pearly white teeth and dazzle your family, relatives, friends and even colleagues with your smile. At Pacific Dental, our dentists and specialists are dedicated to providing you with a great set of teeth. We customize the whitening process at a pace that is less painful and most suited for you, so you won’t have to dread coming into our clinic.

Get a pearly smile today!

With friendly staff with years of experience, Pacific Dental is a dental clinic you won’t fear going to. We provide a range of services that include general check-ups, whitening, mouth guards, dental implants and wisdom teeth removal. Book an appointment with our team today!

Pacific Dental is located in the Pacific Plaza in Singapore. We are easy to get to, whether driving or via public transport. If you have any questions regarding our location, or wish to book an appointment, don’t hesitate to contact us online or via phone.