Taking appointments for mouth guards and splints in Singapore

Many people grind their teeth during their sleep, which can result in a number of pains including jaw pains and headaches. If you feel your teeth throbbing in the morning, or wake with pains in your neck or head, you may be grinding your teeth overnight. If this is the case, it’s important to prevent it.

At night, your bite is significantly harder than during the day, so regular, consistent grinding can be incredibly damaging. Notice the signs today and opt for the right solution.

Prevent damage from overnight teeth grinding

An effective prevention of the wearing down of teeth is the use of a mouthguard or splint. The process of ordering a mouthguard involves the dentist getting mould of your teeth, which then helps them shape a custom-made mould for you to wear. Wearing this each night will act as a guard for your teeth.

Get a splint today and prevent serious tooth damage later on. The intense force that you may grind your teeth with overnight can result in cracks or damages on your teeth, which can be far more expensive to repair. Instead of waiting for the problem to worsen, prevent future damage today by getting a well-fitting mouth guard to wear overnight.

Specialists in dental services

Pacific Dental’s team of experts are able to provide quality splints for our patients with teeth grinding problems. Book an appointment for a mouthguard shaping today. Our team are friendly and patient, and want to provide you with a positive dentist experience, from cosmetic procedures to teeth removals.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. If you’re concerned that you may be grinding your teeth at night, book an appointment at Pacific Dental for a consultation and mouth guard fitting. We are located at Pacific Plaza on the corner of Orchard and Scotts Road.