Why choose dental implants

A solid, tough set of teeth is not always possible. While we try to keep our teeth and gums healthy, incidents can happen that can result in a tooth falling out or decaying. Whether it’s an unfortunate accident, the result of a sweet tooth, or just a family history of weak teeth, a missing tooth can seriously affect your confidence.

Dental implants refer to a metal post that is surgically positioned into your jawbone. The procedure allows dentists to then add replacement tooth onto the posts. Acting as a support base, dental implants will assure you a secure set of teeth. If you’re looking for an implant procedure for a missing tooth, speak to Pacific Dental to see what’s right for you.

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Many fear the horror of a tooth falling out, so Pacific Dental has a team of professional dentists to assist you with this situation. Each tooth has its own purpose in chewing and grinding your food, so we provide a service that will get you a good, secure set of teeth no matter the incident.

This procedure is ideal for those with missing teeth. However, teeth implants require healthy gums and good bone support, so it’s important you are regularly looking after your teeth and gums and eating well before you can consider this procedure.

A range of dental treatments from our friendly practitioners

Along with dental implants, Pacific Dental provide cosmetic procedures such as tooth bonding and whitening, as well as general dental practices. For a team that is passionate and committed, speak to Pacific Dental. We’ll provide you with a friendly, quality service.

We are located at the Pacific Plaza, which is easy to get to via car or public transport. Book an appointment today for consultation on whether implants are a good choice.