Cosmetic tooth bonding procedures

Wish you could get a winning smile like the celebrities? If you have decaying, chipped or cracked teeth, or want to simply alter the shape of your teeth, we may be able to assist.

Tooth bonding is a cosmetic procedure that applies a tooth-coloured material over the natural tooth. Using adhesives and high intensity light, these materials bond to the teeth, giving you the appearance of a naturally smoother, aesthetically pleasing tooth. This service is ideal for individuals with chipped teeth, or those who want to fill in gaps.

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Our teeth are an important part of the body. Whether it be through an excess of unhealthy food or drinks, or simply due to a painful tooth chipping incident, there are a number of reasons why you may not feel comfortable in your smile. At Pacific Dental, we provide a quality tooth bonding service that will get you feeling more confident in your pearly whites.

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Tooth bonding is a great solution if you feel yourself dreading an open-mouth smile in photos. Whether you want a small procedure on one tooth, or are looking to completely reshape or lengthen a row, we can fit you with a package that will give you a fresh, white finish afterwards. At Pacific Dental, we want you to flaunt your smile!

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